Optional Ad-Ons

Dollars & Cents

Optional Ad-Ons

Since all advisors run their businesses differently, we offer the following infrastructure components "à la carte". Pay for what you need... don't pay for what you don't need...

Dedicated Client Service Associates

If you wish to have access to a dedicated CSA team, you can easily do so with us. Our CSAs will be able to handle all of your ongoing, personal administrative needs:

  • Setting / changing / confirming appointments with your clients
  • Reaching out directly to your clients on your behalf to complete any and all custodial paperwork including (but not limited to):
    • New accounts
    • Beneficiary updates
    • Funds transfer in / out
  • Anything you need to have done regarding your clients and any of our preferred custodians (Raymond James & Charles Schwab)
    Fee = $2,000 / month plus 3 bps for unlimited, personal support
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Dedicated office

Our base platform gives advisors all they need to be able to work from anywhere. Some advisors choose to work remotely and some prefer a more traditional office setting -- we are able to accommodate either option. You can "plug into" one of our existing locations, set up your own location anywhere in the country, or, take full advantage of our tech stack to work remotely. Whichever option you choose, we will be there at every step to help you get you set up and running with minimal hassle.

Fee: This is a complete pass through with no "vig" added. The cost will run between $500 - $2,000 / month depending the the location and office size you prefer.

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Outsourced Portfolio Management

Our base platform gives you full, unlimited use of our BlackDiamond license. This means you have the ability to enter models and rebalance them as you like. If you want to outsource that function to our team, we can do so for 10-20 bps plus a set up fee of $200 per model.

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