Plug & Play Solutions for RIAs -- and advisors looking to goRIA

Providing a low friction pathway for breakaway advisors to go RIA while they maintain 100% control and ownership of their books.

Sovereign's Value Proposition For Breakaway Advisors

Highly Competitive. Fully Transparent.

The following is a brief summary of Sovereign's value proposition for breakaway advisors. You can see even more details throughout this site...


  • Charles Schwab
  • Raymond James
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Platform Fees

  • We start with a "clean" 100% payout
  • $750 / month: Covers E&O, Registrations and Base Tech Stack1
  • 20 BPS on the first $20,000,000 AUM
  • 10 BPS on the next $80,000,000 AUM
  • 5 BPS for AUM over $100,000,000
  • That’s it! Period. Full stop.

1 Base Tech includes: Orion, Salesforce, Office 365, RingCentral, AdvicePay, and, Global Relay. eMoney is offered as an optional add-on at $180 / month – a deep discount to the actual cost. There may be a de minimis per account charge for low balance accounts and non productive accounts. These charges are determined in advance on a case by case basis.

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Payout on "Outside Assets"

  • We have the ability to facilitate billing on "Outside Assets" -- assets that are not held by one of our primary custodians (for example, annuities, 401Ks, 529, etc...)
  • The payout on these assets are a flat 90% less an $35 processing fee per payment processed.
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In-House TAMP

Sovereign’s in-house TAMP (Align) delivers asset management services to advisors at a very low cost. Our TAMP is a fully "open architecture" and easy to deploy. You have the option to:

  • Choose from the 1,000s of choices on the Orion Model Marketplace (see below)
  • Create your own model1
  • Use one of Sovereign’s in-house models

>>> Here's a link to an article that highlighted our unique approach to "Portfolio Group" rebalancing: Read article

TAMP Costs:

  • $40 per month / per Portfolio Group (You can have as many accounts in a Portfolio Group as you like. For example... if you have a household with 7 accounts... you can place all into 1 Portfolio Group and the total cost for ALL accounts is still just $40 / month)
  • Plus...
    • 5 bps for non-tax sensitive accounts
    • 10 bps for tax sensitive accounts (this includes tax sensitive trading and tax loss harvesting)

Here's a small sample of the models you can choose from:





1 There is a $75 set up / change fee for FA created models

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Client Service Support Services

Sovereign provides ad-hoc client support for advisors. These services include all you would expect from a client service associate: New account opening, funds in / out, setting appointments, client meeting prep, etc..

COST: $500 / month (which includes 5 hours per month). $70 / hour after that. Pay-when-you-need solution offers the ultimate in flexibility.

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Sovereign’s PEP: The 401K Solution For Advisors That Hate 401Ks

Easy to deploy. Easy to service

Our PEP solution is branded as: Align Retirement Pathways. It can be used by advisors affiliated with Sovereign and can also be used by advisors not affiliated with Sovereign — it is a fully open architecture 401K solution.

Sovereign has teamed up with The Newport Group to create an in-house 401k solution that is hard to beat. The Align PEP offers:

Extremely low fees for your client:

  • $4,250 / year
  • $60 / participant
  • 15 BPS
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How We Work with Independent Advisors

By using our services, you will be able to deliver a complete, unbiased and fully open architecture solution for all of your clients' financial planning and investment management needs. Moreover, you will be able to deliver these services without going through the trouble of developing and maintaining the required staff, IT stack and infrastructure. And, perhaps best of all, you will be able to receive all these services at a cost that will likely be far less than if you were to do this all on your own.

All this means that you can:

  • Work as a true fiduciary and deliver to your clients the complete and unbiased access to the financial planning resources and investment products they should have. We have two preferred custodians that you and your clients can choose from: Raymond James and Charles Schwab. However, since we are a true "open architecture" RIA, we can also work with any other custodian you may prefer.
  • Take advantage of our scale as we deliver to you all the staff support, compliance, technology and infrastructure you need -- likely at a cost far less than if you tried to recreate all this infrastructure yourself.
  • Rest assured that there is a top notch, experienced team on hand to help meet your clients' needs. What would that mean for your peace of mind the next time you are on vacation or away from the office?
  • Focus on what you love to do and leave everything else to us.
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Contact us for a confidential chat about how we can work together

Contact us for a confidential chat about how we can work together

If you think we may be a fit for your needs, please call or email Sovereign's Principal, Chuck Failla, CFP(r) to discuss.

Chuck can be reached at:

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